It’s Monday! What are you reading? (5)



So I have been sick with like the worse cold ever in the history of colds so sorry my post are late and lagging. I will be trying to cacth up but on a happier note ITS MONDAY.

i know what i am reading but i can help but wonder what you are reading.

I am currently reading. Chosen the third book in the house of night series. Why you may ask because it is slowlly pulling me in just as twilight did. Oh how i loved and still love twilight but back to what i am reading

I am reading pretty much the house of night series. and cant wait to share with you all of my thoughts. I wish i could share a trailer for the series or something but a lass all i can find are fan made ones.

But i will probally have the review up in a couple of days

Happy Reading!



It’s Monday What are you Reading? (3)


Hello Fiddle Fadlers

Its Monday what are you reading?

I know I’m posting rather late today. I have been going crazy decorating for the holidays. After all it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Anyway back to the fun stuff. It is monday i would love to know what you are reading. I am currently reading two books its hard to choice just one book when there are so many amazing ones in the world


I am Reading Marked: a House of the Night by P.C Cast and Dark Frost: a Mythos Academy novel by Jennifer Estep

I Look forward to sharing my thoughts on theses to books with you

As always Happy Reading!