Star Wars Challenge


M- Meant to Be (3/27)

a – Awakend: House of Night, Book 8 (1/10)

y-  Yours at Midnight(12/12)


T- Two Way Street (1/15)

h- Hooked: Hooked, Book 1 (3/7)

e-Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature (3/11)


F- Fallen: Fallen, Book 1 (2/28)

o-The I One that Got Away (4/10)

r- Readhead Revealed: Redhead, Book 2 (1/14)

c- Clockwork Angel: The Infernal Devices, Book 1 (2/14)

e-Eighth Grade Bite: The Chronicles of Valdimir Tod(4/5)


B- Burned: a House of Night Novel, Book 7(1/4)

e- Embrace: The Violet Eden Chapters, Book 1 (4/8)


W-  The Wild One (6/8)

i- Invisible (2/1)

t-Tagged (4/10)

h- Hard Bitten (5/7)


Y- Your Guardian Angel(12/15)

o-Opal: a Lux Novel, Book 3(5/10)

u-Unidentified Redhead(1/8)


this challenge pick a word or phrase that has to do with Star Wars. Use the acronym to pick your books and spell that word.

Examples (Use one of these or pick your own):
Han Solo
Star Wars
Death Star
Darth Vader
Princess Leia
A New Hope
Luke Skywalker



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