Faddle(55):My Best Friend named Kindle HDX


So my favorite thing in the world at the moment is my kindle. I can do my homework and read books. It’s just the best thing i have ever seen I have one problem with it. My children have found that it can have games put on it and I live in the fear that it will be broken at any moment. So now I am on the hunt for an amazing looking case for it also a screen protector. Does anyone else have that problem? Two kids who also enjoy a good book as well as. I find my self wondering what would the world be like without e-readers and their app counter parts. I will say this the world would be nothing without a good old fashion paper back or hard cover? I do enjoy being able to hold most of my library and acess to my local library’s digital book collection.

So once again I love my kindle but at the same time I love being able to feel the paper of an old fashion book in my hands.

happy readingjess



Do you ever feel like you are starving for a book? I feel like I haven’t picked up a book in years then I did and I felt like I had finally satisfied a thirst for the amazing gift a book gives. I can’t wait to start bloging again and updating my book list.