Making up for Monday (4)


This is a weekly post hosted by An Avid Reader; Wanna be Writer. I found this on Bookshelf Fantasies Book Blog Meme Directory. It looked like it was a fun post to part take in so here it goes….

February 17:

Where is your favorite place to read?


The best place to read is in bed if you ask me….. Why?

Well the answer is simple its comfy. It is a great place to get lost and well its bed if you get sleepy you can totally take a nap. Who wouldn’t want to be comfy with a book to take you to a far away place.

images (5)

When I say I love to read in bed I really do mean it this is exactly how my bed looks at any given moment. Especially with my bookcase being right by it 🙂


This is what I look like when I am up with my kids asleep enjoying my book habit.


The shirt says it all. Except I do work out with my audiobooks in my ears 🙂


Lastly Well almost Lastly. My dream bedspreads that would be an awesome bookish gift just saying. 😀




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