Making Up for Monday (2 & 3)


This is a weekly post hosted by An Avid Reader; Wanna be Writer. I found this on Bookshelf Fantasies Book Blog Meme Directory. It looked like it was a fun post to part take in so here it goes….

So I was lagging last week so I will have two weeks worth of  Making Up for Monday!

February 3:

What is your favorite genre of book and how frequently do you read outside of that?

I don’t have a favorite Genre….. I guess I tend to go for YA & New Adult. I am also a big paranormal and contemporary girl.


Why? I really don’t have a reason to love this genre it just makes me smile.

New Adult

Why? I love new adult because it’s actually more centered towards my age group.


Why? I love all things paranormal 😀


Why? I love reading things that can be realistic.

Urban Fantasy

Why? Really it’s because of a series… Chicagoland Vampires

February 10:

Which literary character would you most like to have a ‘significant relationship’ with?

Ethan Sullivan


umm hello he’s Ethan Sullivan! He is like my all time favorite vampire. He is sexy and amazing. Ok so yeah im totally fan girling. He is amazing he is dark and brooding at moments. Then he is like the ultimate romantic at times. He is like the total package that you love to hate.


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