Top Ten Tuesday (12)


So this is a weekly post hosted By The Broke & The Bookish.

This list is not in any set order. Most these are more like moments that I would not want to live through what these characters went through.

Top Ten characters I would not want to Trade places with!

☆Lena from Delirium By Lauren Oliver☆


I would never want to have live taken away from me.

☆Nina from XVI By Julia Karr☆


I wouldn’t want to be branded as someone who was old enough to do things. Ibwouldnt want to deal with all the crazy things she went through.

☆Violet Eden From The Violet Eden Chapters☆


I love Violet dearly shes amazing. It makes me sad that fate seems to keep distroying her life.

☆Emma from Heartbeat By Elizabeth Scott☆


This one is simply because its a hard thing to deal with. I couldnt deal with all of the anger she had to deal with.

☆Sandy from XVI by Julia Karr☆


Id hate to have my whole life ended because someone wanyes to hurt the people I love.

☆Gwen Frost in Crimson Frost & Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep☆


I cant live with the heartbreak and nightmares she went through.

☆Lenobia from H.O.N. By P.C. & Kirsten Cast☆


I couldnt live the life she had and come out as strong as she had.

☆Dragon from H.O.N. By P.C. & Kirsten Cast☆


I wouldn’t want to have my grief manafest as dragons had and become a monster almost.

☆Jassamine Lovelace from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare☆


I would hate to be her simply because love was her undoing.

☆Eve from Morganville Vampires in The First Day of Rest of Your Life By Rachel Caine☆


The reason I say this because I couldnt handle the loss of the people I love like she had and have loved.


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