Making Up For Monday!(1)


This is a weekly post hosted by An Avid Reader; Wanna be Writer. I found this on Bookshelf Fantasies Book Blog Meme Directory. It looked like it was a fun post to part take in so here it goes….

Good news!  Your favorite book is going to be turned into a movie and you get to choose the cast!  Who do you choose?


Book: Touch of Frost 

Written By: Jennifer Estep

My Cast:


Coach Ajax ~ Vin Diesel

Why? Umm he’s Vin freaking Diesel he can totally be a kick butt spartan warrior.


Aurora Metis~ Lauren Graham

Why? My reason is really dumb it is because she was Lorelia Gilmore. She is the best kind of mom and I like to think that Metis is Gwen’s Mother figure.


Carson Callahan~  Robert Sheehan

Why? One he plays Simon who is quite nerdy. Also he’s cute so I think he fits the of Carson well.


Daphane Cruz~ Ariana Grande

Why? I can see her being Daphane girly but smart. She seemed like the type of girl who would have healing powers.


Grandma Frost (Geraldine Frost)~ Doris Roberts

 Why? She seems like the warm loving Grandma type.


Grace Frost( Gwen’s Mom)~ Julia Roberts

Why? I know this sounds dumb but she seemed like a mom and how I would picture Grace Frost with a warm loving smile.


Gwen Frost~ Victoria Justice

Why? Shes a good actress and I can see her playing the part of Gwen perfectly.


Jasmine Ashton~Elixabeth Gillis

Why?  She radiates bad girl. She looks like a reaper.


Logan Quinn~Colton Hayes

Why? He’s hot and like I say about Logan aka Hot Spartan.


Nickamedes~ Jude Law

Why? When I think of Nickamedes I think of Jude Law hes sexy and I can see him as a Librarian.


Morgan McDougall~Vanessa Marano

Why? Simply because if you watch her in switched at Birth she can be your best friend or worse enemy.


Oliver Hector ~ Liam Hemsworth

Why?  It’s the eyes there is something that says I’m a sweetheart but I can be very deadly if I want to be.


Kenzie Tanaka~ Dennis Oh

Why? He just seems to be what Kenzie would look like to me. I mean i searched and searched foe the perfect person.


Samson Sorenson~ Zac Efron

Why? Pretty boy who is full of himself need I say more. I just know he could play this part perfectly.


Savanah Warren~ Jane Levy

Why?  She has a pretty and I think she can have an additude. I can see her being Savannah.


Talia Pizarro~ Britne Oldford

Why? She would fit the part of Talia she has played a few very diverse parts.


Vic the Talking Sword~ Hugh Jackman

Why? His voice is swoon worthy and he can totally work the whole crazed reaper killing sword.

So here is my cast for Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep. I know my reasons behind my choice are odd but I do think they would be awesome in these roles. 

happy reading




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