Review: D.W Rides Again(144)

1709872Book: D.W. Rides Again, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, April 1996

Written By: Marc Brown 


Book Info:Hardcover, SSJCPL(Library), Borrowed

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Series: D.W.

Series Order: D.W. All Wet, D.W. Flips, D.W. Rides Again, D.W. The Picky Eater, D.W. Thinks Big, D.W., Go to Your Room!, D.W.’s Guide to Preschool, D.W.’s Library Card, D.W.’s Lost Blankie, D.W.’s Guide to Perfect Manners, D.W. Perfect Present, Glasses for D.W., Good Night, D.W., D.W. The Big Boss, D.W.’s Color Book, D.W. in Trouble, D.W. Saves The Day, D.W. goes to Preschool, D.W. Says Please and Thank You

Challenges:  I Love Picture Books Challenge

About Book:

He’s been on the scene in your stores and selling in big numbers for almost twenty-five years: Arthur, the bestselling aardvark. Now his Emmy award-winning, number-one rated children’s TV show, Arthur, has catapulted his book sales to new heights. Arthur has sold in the past, continues to sell in record numbers in the present, and Now Little, Brown offers a fantastic promotion to make sure Arthur and D.W. will be star performers this fall and always. The promotion features an eye-catching display, extensive print and television advertising, and lots of prizes for booksellers and customers, too.

Arthur’s been around for almost twenty-five years, and if he’s going anywhere, it’s up — in sales and in the ratings! Stay tuned to Little, Brown for more adventures from loveable Arthur, his sister, D.W., and their pals, for now and always.

My Thoughts:

When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Marc Brown. I loved reading Arthur  books. When I finally perfected the art of reading these books besides Judy B/ Jones where my go to books. Then when I discovered D.W. had her own books well Lets just say I was doing a happy dance. I was the happiest second grader in the world. Now as a parent it gives me such joy to see my daughter’s love for D.W. as much if not more than I did as a kid. That’s why when we grabbed D.W. rides again from the library I was almost as excited to read it with her. The reason I love D.W. is simple. She is a little just like I am and the same goes for my daughter. D.W. is a funny character who has such ambition for a pre-schooler she has spunk. She exhibits such determination to do better to be the best. That is why I loved this book just as much as I loved it as a kid. I love seeing D.W. is finally ready to be a big kid who rides her bike. I love that when she fell she got back up. That is an amazing. That is why I love D.W. even now as an adult because she has spunk and determination. The fact that she fell and got back up. This is a wonderful book to read to read with kith kids. It has Marc browns signature art and wonderful writing. This is a wonderful book that my children and I have enjoyed many time.

Happy Reading!



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