Faddle: eBooks Vs. Printed Books (48)


eBook Vs. Printed Books



So Recently I have been thinking about this subject a lot. I love both types of books. I enjoy ebooks because they are light weight I can just download it onto my phone and just read. I also have the option to just grab my kindle and read where ever I want it’s not like when I was younger and my purse was weighed down with books. This happened a lot to me.  That’s why I love the idea of having these type of books available to me.


I love printed books they make me feel more connected to the story while im reading. This is a strange thing to say I suppose but they are something I feel that you can depend on. I like to look at my book shelf and see a book I’ve read and just remember how much I enjoyed it. I don’t get this feeling when I have Ebooks I mean yeah i can go back and see the book but it’s not the same as having books right in front of you. I also love the idea that I will have these books to pass down to my children as they get older.

Overall Thoughts:

I can’t tell you which one I prefer out of both because I love both. The thing I do have a problem with when it comes to Ebooks. Is lending them. I know what you thinking why would that be a problem. I love to share the books I have added to my collection. I don’t mind if I never see my books again I feel like that way hopefully they have found a good home. I cant do this with my ebooks and in a sad way it pains me.

So I just wanted to share my thoughts about the Ebooks Vs. Printed debate. I would love to hear your thoughts about this subject.

Happy Reading!


I will be posting my reviews for shadows and the perks of being a wall flower some time tomorrow I spent thursday in the er so I’m a little behind.


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