Tuth {or} Dare (1)


Truth or Dare is a weekly post hosted by Jenna{does} Books. I have been following this blog for a while now and thought this would be a fun post to do. Simply because Truth or Dare has always been a game I love to play. It is actually how I had my first kiss with my children’s father. So I thought why not participate in these post.

TRUTH: Tell us about the first book you read in 2014!
DARE: Give a book to a family member or friend! Talk about the book and their reaction!


Well if we are going to go with actual book I read it would be Midnight Frost By Jennifer Estep. If we are going with an audiobook I listened to it is Dear John By Nicholas Sparks. I loved both of these books book even though they are total opposites.


So I gave my daughter a book simply because she is a book crazed three-year old. It was a veggie tales book that she saw one day and wanted so I decided to surprise her with it. She was so excited that she had the book. I love when her eyes get all wide because she has a new book. It is fun to see my children enjoy the same things that I enjoy.

Happy Reading!




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