Faddle: How I keep track of my challenges (47)


So I was wondering if there are any other ways people keep track of their challenges?
For me I keep track several ways. Have a binder that has the rules to the challenge and a piece of binder paper for the list of books that go with said challenge.(pictured above) Then there is a mini comp book that I keep in my purse. I try to update it when ever I do my binder so it’s up to date and I keep things in the right order. (Also pictured above) Then during the year I keep shelves for each challenge on my Goodreads. I like that I can change the order of things to keep track of the number of pages I have read. The last way I keep track is on this blog. I have pages for my separate challenges along with the rules for them. I find it is good to have back up for challenges.
So what ways do you guys keep track of challenges? I would love to hear!
Happy Reading!



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