Faddle: New Year Blogging Resolutions 2014(42)


Here is a post of Resolutions for next year this is a hosted post. It is posted by Books for a Delicate Eternity.


I will read more books (in a genre, for review, for yourself etc):

So for this I will be reading as many books in my TBR pile as possible. I Know it will grow throughout the year but that is the beautiful thing about books. People keep writing them and I am one of many who enjoy reading them.

I will try reading (a certain genre, a certain book, a series etc):

For me this will be me reading more Dystopian novel. I tried out a couple this year and really enjoyed them. I also Want to finish The Divergent trilogy and Hunger Games trilogy. 

I will finish (a book, a series etc):

I plan on finishing all of the eBooks I own or eARC’s I have received. I want to be able to review all the books that i have bought or received for review recently.

I will start (you get the gist, yeah?):

I will start the Matched trilogy and hopefully complete it before the end of the year

I will not read:

Anything that is not in my TBR Pile for Challenges until i complete all of the books on it.

I will read:

The books I have chosen to read this year


I will try to post:

Everyday as much as possible and post a review for all of the books I Read this year

I will post more:

Features on my blog hosted by me or others

I will post fewer:


If I do not post:

I will try to make it up what I have not posted.


I will visit blogs:

More often it is fun to read others reviews on books that I have loved and books I have yet to read. It’s always great to hear others thoughts.

I will comment on more:

Post on blogs that I love. I will also comment more on reviews on good reads and book likes

I will comment on fewer:

I don’t know lol I already feel like I don’t comment enough

I will return the comment favour as much as I can:

Because i feel it is good to show support to your fellow blog.

I will try to visit and comment on  ____ blogs:

I love and post that I find to be awesome.

I will not post comments that are:

Put downs like my lovable son likes to state. I Will try to only be positive.

I will post comments that are:


So these are my 2014 New Year Blogging Resolutions! I hope that more people join in on this post.



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