Reveiw: Spartan Frost: a Mythos Academy Novel By Jennifer Estep (123)

17987415Book: Spartan Frost, Kensington Publishing Corporation, June 25,2013

Written By: Jennifer Estep

Book Info: Ebook Kindle Edition purchased

series: Mythos Academy Book 4.5

Series Order:  First Frost, Touch of Frost, Halloween Frost, Kiss of Frost, Dark Frost, Crimson Frost,Spartan Frost, Midnight Frost, Killer Frost

About Book: I’m Logan Quinn, the deadliest Spartan warrior at Mythos Academy. At least I was–until the day I almost killed Gwen Frost.
Professor Metis and Nickamedes say that I’m fine, that Loki and the Reapers don’t have a hold on me anymore, but I can’t risk it. I can’t risk hurting Gwen again. So I’m leaving Mythos and going somewhere far, far away.

I know Gwen wonders what’s happening to me, whether I’m safe. I can’t tell her, but this is my story. . .

Source: Goodreads

My Thoughts: So I Love Logan Quinn He is just wow that is why I call him Hot Spartan. I found this to be a great addition to the Mythos Academy series. It was short yet sweet. I enjoyed being able to see more into the emotions of Logan. He comes off as a strong person so to be able to see him an a venerable state was heart warming. It made me sad that he felt so much grief over something he couldn’t even control. Jennifer Estep did a great job showing how Logan couldn’t handle the thought of being a danger to the people he loves most in the world. I will say this though I was heart-broken when he left Gwen. I wanted to jump into the book and slap him when I read the ending of Crimson Frost. I felt the need to yell at him for being such an idiot. Everything you could think of that’s what I felt then I saw how much it hurt him to walk away from her. My issue with that whole situation was why walk away from your problem. I mean its Logan Freaking Quinn. He wouldn’t have had to face everything alone. He shut everyone out well except for his father which was sweet that he is finally starting to be able to have a relationship with his father. I was happy when I read this novella because I finally got the answers to my questions from crimson Frost only to end up with more. This is a great addition once again to the Mythos series. If you are a fan of the series you should pick this up to read. 

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I am reading Midnight Frost right now the reveiw will


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