Faddle: So i decied to faddle…. (34)

Hello Out there!

So I decided I wanted to rant about things im excited about that are out or coming soon like books turned into movies and books that are coming or have been released that I cant wait to get my hand on.

so I thought id start with The Book Thief!

so I  have been wanting to read this book or a while now it just seems amazing now that there is a movie im dying to see how wonderful it is especially since it’s a newer book that was made into a movie so quickly. I mean come on that seems amazing to me. If you have yet to see the trailer her it is

Next thing Im supper excited for is CATCHING FIRE!!

I mean the first movie was amazing as was the first book. We all know the Hunger Games Trilogy is a great set of books. So I am excited to be posting a review soon about the book and the movie together. My best friend and I plan on watching it asap. If you have not seen the trailer her you go for your viewing pleasure

And last but not least.


Ok so may i say i think Veronica Roth is super talented and im super excited for this movie. So if you have yet to read the first book in the trilogy what are you waiting for. I mean i feel like im lagging for not reading the second and third book so if you have a chance pick them up please i beg you.

So happy reading or watching i suppose in this case

Always Jess

ps i will be doing this more often coming in the nexts months


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