The Lost Hero: Heros of Olympus, Book 1 (99)

Title:The Lost Hero13606354

Series:The Heroes of Olympus

Author:Rick Riordan

Read By:Joshua Swanson

Edition:Digital Audiobook

Length:16 Hours 35 minutes 13 seconds

Published:October 12,2010

Publisher:Listening Library



Age Group:10 & up

Description of the Book:After saving Olympus from the evil Titan lord, Kronos, Percy and friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where the next generation of demigods must now prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own: Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, To storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to keep with a final breath, And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death. Now, in a brand-new series from blockbuster best-selling author Rick Riordan, fans return to the world of Camp Half-Blood. Here, a new group of heroes will inherit a quest. But to survive the journey, they’ll need the help of some familiar demigods.

Pre-Read:Yay sequel series! Cant wait to dive into it!

While Reading: 


  • I wonder why this Jason kid doesn’t have any memory
  • I wonder who his immortal parent is if he has one
  • I wonder if Piper and Leo are demigods to
  • Leo seems to be Hephaestus’ son from the description they gave
  • Haha baseball bat
  • Hmmmm Jason has an ancient coin
  • Leo has ADHD
  • Pipers mom is MIA
  • Classic signs that they are the children of the gods
  • Coach Hedge reminds me of a satyr
  • Dang Jason really doesn’t know the kids
  • Yup Hedge is most defiantly a satyr or something
  • Dang Monsters and its only the first chapter
  • ok so if there are two other demigods shouldn’t they see through the mist


  • I want to know what kind of Monster Dylan is
  • I wonder if they are adding Roman gods now
  • Ok so they are demigods
  • How does Jason know things if he doesn’t remember
  • Oooo that’s so cool his weapon is a coin
  • I love Leo he’s so funny
  • Jason is so Zeus kid
  • Awe Annabeth
  • Who the heck is Butch
  • Also why does Jason know the roman names and everyone else know greek
  • OMG Leo’s Hephaestus’ that makes sense. I was so right
  • Vulcan??? Why does Jason think like a roman
  • I wonder who’s talking to piper
  • Leo is so a son of Hephaestus
  • 😦 Beckendorf
  • It’s crazy to think that they have so many brothers and sisters
  • OMG Leo’s one of the rare kids
  • haha a mask that eats people


  • Ok so Jason is roman right?
  • Jason is supposed to be dead??
  • I wonder who is Patron is?
  • Why is everything focused on Hera so much.
  • I want to know why Chiron thinks Jason should be dead.
  • ok I want to know why Jason thinks in Roman
  • It’s weird that Jason likes the Roman names
  • I hope Piper is Athena’s kid cause Athena is awesome
  • He was claimed but by who???
  • Ahh So confused
  • OMG he’s Thalia’s brother
  • Yay a prophesy
  • Wow Hera tried to kill Leo
  • I want to know who the woman was that talked to Leo when he was eight
  • Why would she kill his mother Jerk
  • I wonder who the wolf is
  • hmm Lupa is my fave roman Goddess
  • “Saving Grace” He’s Thalia’s Brother
  • I feel like his purple is important for some reason
  • Haha His face when he heard Thalia was a tree
  • Drew is just mean I don’t get how she could have been related to Selina
  • Drew is just evil
  • I wonder why Leo didn’t tell them about the bunker


  • Leo is forever joking
  • Haha Evil espresso drinks
  • I want to know who the sleeping lady is
  • And how cool it that dragon
  • haha the Ice Princess is in like with Jason
  • This Chick is up to something
  • Wow Jason has a goddess crushing on him
  • I wonder if Boreas knows what the tattoo means
  • I want to know what the wind is thinking
  • Ok so the Roman & Greek gods are the same being so why are they calling Jason the Son of Jupiter
  • Why did he change into his roman form
  • This book is great just so many questions
  • I like Cal
  • That makes sense…
  • Jason can be Roman where Leo and Piper are Greek


  • poor Piper she feels like a traitor but Selina tried to redeem herself and tried to stop it
  • Ig piper had known Selina she would understand
  • I like how Piper’s Dad thinks
  • The waking earth makes me think of Gaea because she is the earth goddess or what ever she is
  • I want to know who the giants parents are??
  • You would think Jason would be as strong as Percy
  • I cant help but think that they are in the warehouse where Leo’s mom died
  • Leo know where they are!!
  • I was wondering who was there and what the eye ment
  • They all have different people gods/monsters whatever trying to get them to betray each other
  • They called pipers mother Venus not Aphrodite
  • Leo is forever joking
  • ok she had a roman demigod
  • What is the difference between the northern and southern Cyclopes
  • I’ve never heard of a monster turning to dust
  • Why didn’t they die
  • OMG Thalia 😀
  • Who’s his enemy!!!
  • Jason may not remember Leo & Piper or ever have known them but he is a great friend
  • Monsters version of mercy
  • You didn’t give anyone your name it has too much power! -.-
  • Who is this woman!


  • Medea is crazy!
  • Wow this book makes me want to study roman mythology
  • I love Festus
  • Poor Leo he feels os guilty
  • Piper needs to tell them the truth!
  • Awe Leo’s Meeting his dad
  • Zeus is an idiot he needs to start being smart and a hell of a lot less prideful
  • U knew it was Gaea 🙂
  • I wonder whats going to happen to leo!
  • Awe Festus
  • Hephaestus seems like the best immortal parent and Mr. D well may be Poseidon and Athena they act like they care i guess they all care in their own way
  • How does a laser cut celestial bronze
  • Leo reminds me of my best friend and we can joke with each other they way he jokes with his friends
  • YAY a  Satyr
  • What the world why are all these dead people coming back to life
  • haha Hedge is an idiot
  • Piper is an amazing person she reminds me of Annabeth (if you have read my other reviews you know im team Annabeth)
  • OMG he’s the original lycan 0.0
  • I don’t remember there being a man turned to a wold in greek mythology I knew it was roman but not greek
  • Schooled by a book
  • HUNTERS 0.0
  • YAY Thalia’s Coming
  • Leo is so funny he always wants what he can’t have
  • Children in both forms!
  • Awe Thalia thought she had lost him
  • I wonder what Jason would do in Thalia’s shoes
  • I want a wolf
  • Leo has to many questions
  • this isn’t good another person betraying the gods
  • Awe her dream was sweet
  • I wonder what everyone is going to do now
  • I have ever liked Aphrodite until this moment
  • It is Gaea!
  • I wonder how many giants there are
  • -.-
  • Hoe did they get there so fast
  • I like that Leo calls Piper beauty queen
  • ….. He knows California
  • Something about San Francisco is important.
  • Haha Coach Hedge “big Ugly Cupcake”
  • Ah an evil Athena well guy like Athena -.-
  • Eww Orges that’s so gross
  • The earth-born are like goloms interesting
  • The three of them are so going to die
  • Haha Leo makes me think of George Lopez
  • Yay they are winning  well it looks that way
  • NOOOOOO!!!!
  • Nooooooooooooooo!!!!
  • Piper & Jason way better love story
  • Ahh Jason no you can’t die not now not yet
  • What about Hera
  • Awe her dad went to save her
  • I wonder if native american’s have similar legends
  • Hedge is funny but you know he cares about the kids
  • Ok what the heck! if he’s not camp half blood where is he from????
  • I feel bad for Leo
  • Piper, Leo and Jason are each others family
  • The spires are the giant -.-
  • Hera should be locked away just saying
  • The snow Goddess -.- Khione is a brat
  • The Romans are more warlike than the Greeks it’s a little intimidating
  • That is so cool the venti are like the Pegasus with Percy
  • He knows
  • Piper Rocks!
  • So Jason is Roman and Thalia is Greek ????
  • What is up with Hera
  • haha good Drew needs to shut up
  • Wow drew is just weak
  • Awe Piper’s dad is surrounded but being of nature
  • Awe Piper is finally getting her dad
  • Awe I want to cry ;'( that was so sweet
  • Ok love the budding romance between Jason and Piper
  • The three of them are great friends almost as good as Annabeth, Grover and Percy
  • Wow Leo is amazing
  • So the civil war? Romans v. Greeks
  • ooooo This book is just amazing
  • Dang Leo just got promoted. I think he finally doesn’t feel alone any more
  • Jason seems nervous
  • OMG he’s remembering things
  • Hera….No i mean Juno…. Shes has something going on!
  • Hera/ Juno had something to so with Percy!
  • I cant help but wonder what the gamble is she took
  • I want to know what is in Jason’s mind
  • This is true the gods never want to change Juno is right about them having to change
  • I want to know who the seven heroes are
  • Juno/Hera just totally humbled her self
  • Wow she is jealous of Jupiter/Zeus
  • Wow and I thought Percy destiny was a bummer
  • Oooo They have partons i wonder if they will have more
  • haha they have their first consul
  • Poor Annabeth 😦
  • Jason is about to crush all their hopes why do I get that feeling
  • That’s a good questions
  • OMG Jason is Roman!!
  • Annabeth is to smart for her own good
  • OMG Lupa is the same as Chiron but harsher
  • Rachel knows something
  • Damn Clarisse
  • Awe Jason just added the fourth demigod
  • Yup Jason is replacing Percy
  • OMG Percy is where!!!!!!

Overall Thoughts:

Wow this book was just wow. I loved the Percy Jackson series it always mad me wish I was a kid again and a demigod at that. This book is just so damn good.The merging of the Greek and roman cultures is an amazing idea. Then the disappearances and reappearances  everything is just wow. I am in awe of Rick Riordan he has made me an even bigger fan and i did not think that possible. I loved everything. This book kept me thinking and asking questions. I love how Jason is so much more fierce where Percy was more compassionate. I think that this book showed how different two cultures can be but that there is always a chance bring them together. I liked what Aphrodite said about that there being a chance of unity but with a risk like there is with anything that anyone does. I cant wait to read the son of Neptune(Poseidon) I see some more of Percy in the near feature! if you haven’t read this series what are you waiting for. Rick Riordan is an amazing writer who makes mythology/ history come to life in an exciting and imaginative way. I think that any one of any age will enjoy this book and should take an opportunity to read it if that can.

Rating: 5/5

Happy Reading!



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