The Wild one: Roswell High, Book 2 (97)

Title: The Wild One

Series:Roswell High, Book 2

Author:Melinda Metz



Published:December 1.1999

Publisher:Pocket Pulse


Genre: Sci-Fi

Age Group: 14 & up

Description of the Book:Dangerous love… Isabel: From the moment she hears the roar of Nikolas’ motorcycle, she’s hooked. This new guy in town seems to understand exactly how she feels and thinks, exactly what she needs. He’s someone willing to let her be what she was born to be…the wild one.

Alex: He’s jealous of Isabel’s new boyfriend. Worse, he fears that Nikolas is dragging Isabel deeper and deeper into danger. If Isabel’s not careful, Sheriff Valenti will discover the truth about her. And if that happens, no one from Earth will be able to save her…

Pre-Read: I Love Roswell

While Reading: 

  • I wonder who Nikolas is
  • Ok if it wasn’t Isabel who was it
  • I wonder whose dream Isabel is in
  • Who the hell is Nikolas
  • Ok sorry but Isabel is an idiot!
  • The Nikolas guy is going to get them in trouble
  • Ok is Isabel going to the dark side for a guy
  • This book is getting crazy
  • Wow Velenti just shot not knowing who was there

Overall Thoughts:

OMG Why was there no Nikolaus in the series!! I love the books so much. So much more than any of the episodes of the show. This is a great quick read with lots of adventure and suspense. Melinda Metz makes sure she leaves you wanting more. She leaves you questioning what you just read and wanting more if only i could find this series somewhere I would buy it. This is an amazing series to read and I recommended it to any one who has watched the show or loves Alien romance. 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5

Happy Reading



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