The Demigod Files (93)

Title: The Demigod Files3992598

Series:Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Author:Rick Riordan



Published:February 10,2009

Publisher:Hyperion Books CH



Age Group:9 & Up

Description of the Book:

How do you handle an encounter with Medusa on the New Jersey interstate? What’s the best way to take down a minotaur? Become an expert on everything in Percy’s world with this must-have guide to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Complete with interviews, puzzles, games, and original short stories by Rick Riordan.

Pre-Read:One of the last two books i have to to read for the Percy Jackson Series

While Reading: 

Percy Jackson & The Stolen Chariot

  • Clarisse is forever needing Percy’s help
  • The thing I don’t get is why
  • I wonder if Percy can keep someone else dry
  • Awe Percy has such a good heart

Percy Jackson & The Bronze Dragon

  • Beckendorf is crazy awesome
  • The myrmekes are creepy. Ugh i hate bugs!
  • Awe its cute how Silena led the charge
  • Beckendorf is funny
  • LOL Annabeth 🙂


  • Travis & Connor Stohl are to funny
  • There are times I think Clarisse needs to mellow out
  • haha, Annabeth and Percy are to funny pre-confessing their feelings for each other
  • Ewe Tin Cans
  • Percy 🙂

Percy Jackson and The sword of Hades

  • I wonder why Persephone picked the children of the big three
  • Dang that’s scary to think that Hades could be that powerful
  • Also I’m not really cool with how Hades is treated I mean he is a god just as much as the others are.
  • Percy is always a hero I swear
  • I love that Ethan is really a sacred kid and always shows it.

Overall Thoughts:I liked the short stories of the little adventures Percy had during the school year. The first story was my favorite because of the part where Clarisse wondered if Percy thought of her as a friend. It was nice to see her soft side. The interviews were sweet to read to see a few campers express little bits of them selves. The next story made me feel sad to see the beginning of summer before The Last Olympian. You see the way Beckendorf was when he asked out Selina.  It was bitter-sweet to see them before they were gone. It was sad I wish they had lived. The last story was great. I swear Persephone is just power-hungry. I have such respect for Nico he is always seeing the best in his father. The nice thing was that he was right about believing in him. this was a nice quick read with some great short stories. If you are a fan of the series and want to have a few more adventures with Percy you should check it out. 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5



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