The Titian’s Curse: Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Book 3 (76)

Title:The Titian’s Curse13507427

Series:Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Author:Rick Riordan


Length:8 Hours 48 Minutes; 312 Pages

Published:May 5, 2007

Publisher:Listening Library


Genre:Children’s Fantasy

Age Group:11 & Up

Description of the Book: Percy Jackson returns in another modern-day adventure with a Greek mythology twist—this time he must find a goddess kidnapped from Mount Olympus!

When the goddess Artemis goes missing, she is believed to have been kidnapped. And now it’s up to Percy and his friends to find out what happened. They must find Artemis before the winter solstice, when her influence on the Olympian Council could swing an important vote on the war with the titans. Not only that, but first Percy will have to solve the mystery of a rare monster that Artemis was hunting when she disappeared—a monster rumored to be so powerful it could destroy Olympus forever.

Pre-Read:Yay I’ve been putting this book off but couldn’t wait any more. My first audiobook also.

While Reading: 

  • I don’t like Thalia she seems like a B just saying
  • Also I think Annabeth is finally going to say she loves Percy =) Well at best that she likes him.
  • Thalia is just hateful I think I mean I get that she’s been through a lot but come on no need to take it out on Percy
  • Bianca gets me mad she just abandoned her brother
  • Thalia is a brat she needs to stop her drama
  • I don’t really blame Luke for being Angry
  • I wonder who the mysterious man is
  • Apollo is my favorite god and Artemis is my Favorite goddess in Greek mythology. I love how he writes the two of them that’s exactly how I would picture them.
  • The General has a bound with Zoe
  • I think that Grover is going to be the one to find the god Pan
  • I cant help but wonder how old Zoe really is
  • Thalia gives off that whole evil vibe. She seems so angry all the time
  • I miss Annabeth its weird not having her on a quest with Percy its like missing the third musketeer
  • I cant help but wonder if Annabeth is doing Atlas job I mean just standing there holding something heavy
  • I’m sad about what happened to Bianca. She finds out who she is and then boom just like that…
  • I feel sad for Zoe she makes me think that she is heart-broken
  • Luke is crazy he actually used Thalia’s love for him against her
  • Mr. D is something else he seems heartless then boom he goes and surprises you
  • I cant help but wonder if Annabeth and Percy will end up together
  • I wonder what Zoe feels right now she is a puzzle to me
  • Zoe Nightshade is Epicly cool
  • I want to know how Like can go bad so easily when he was Hermes Fave son
  • Also how the Hell did he survive
  • I get why Athena thinks Percy and Bessie should die but at the same time he can save the world
  • I like that Poseidon believes in his son
  • Athena is a Mama bear
  • I wonder if Hades planed hiding his son and daughter the way he did
  • Getting so good

Overall Thoughts:

Wow I will admit proudly that I am a fan of the Percy Jackson series. Rick Riordan never fails to amazes me. He makes history come alive in a modern way which is great for younger  readers I think. I loved how he mad Atlas the general that was beyond scary. Than the way you get to see how young love can grow. I mean Annabeth and Percy belong together. The thing I’m curious about is the girl from the dam. It kind of bothers me that Percy is thinking about her even a little bit. This is the best book so far in the series. Percy has grown up a lot since The lightning Thief. It made me sad that Like look like he did. I don’t blame Annabeth for having compassion for him. This is a great read for readers of all ages. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a great story.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Happy Reading

Always Jess


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