The Vampire Academy: Graphic Novel, Book 1 (69)

Title:8643220Vampire Academy

Series: Vampire Academy: Graphic novel, Book 1

Author: Richelle Mead & Leigh Dragoon

Illustrator: Emma Vieceli



Published:August 23, 2011


Age Group:13 & Up


Description of the Book:After two years on the run, best friends Rose and Lissa are caught and returned to St. Vladimir’s Academy, a private high school for vampires and half-bloods. It’s filled with intrigue, danger—and even romance.

Enter their dark, fascinating world through a new series of 144-page full-color graphic novels. The entire first Vampire Academy novel has been adapted for book one by Leigh Dragoon and overseen by Richelle Mead, while the beautiful art of acclaimed British illustrator Emma Vieceli brings the story to life

Pre-Read: Love Vampire Academy. Great series. I’m planing on re-reading it. I love Graphic novels.

While Reading: 

  • I love Dimitri he’s just Ah
  • Rose is a great heroin

Overall Thoughts:I loved the art work it was so wonderful. I didn’t feel like i was re reading the novel again which tends to happen a lot when you read graphic novels based off books. it was fun to read. It kept my attention the whole time i was reading. Which a lot of time doesn’t happen so thank you Leigh Dragoon for making this  great and Emma Vieceli for making such great artwork. If you enjoy graphic novels i think you should pick this up if you have a chance.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Story Line:4 out of 5

Illustrations:4 out of 5

Happy Reading !

Always Jess.


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