Lenobia’s Vow: a House of Night Novella, Book 2 (39)

13022711Description on the Back of Book: Before becoming Zoey’s favourite professor and the House of Night’s powerful horse mistress, Lenobia was just a normal 16-year-old girl – but with enough problems to last a lifetime. In 1788, Lenobia’s father places her on a ship bound for New Orleans. An evil bishop, skilled in Dark magic, makes the same journey. His appetite for beautiful young women forces Lenobia to remain hidden, but she secretly visits the ship’s stables, where a handsome young man and his horses capture her attention. Can they make it to the New World before the bishop discovers her true identity and a powerful evil breaks loose? And will Lenobia follow her heart, even if it puts lives at risk?

Pre-Read: I love Lenobia cant wait to hear her story

While Reading: I didn’t think I could like anyone any more than I do now

Summery: This is the story of how Lenobia came to america. Her journey and how she fell in love with a man she shouldn’t have ever loved. How she would ave fought for him no matter what.

Overall Thoughts: I hate that house of night books make me cry. I was so sad when i found out that Lenobia had lost the love of her life because of darkness. It was just sad and it annoyed me that evil can win so often. It was also nice to see that she didn’t let her tragedy to mess up her life you know. I loved it

Rating: I give It a 4 out of 5

Happy Reading!

Always, Jess


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