ThrowBack Thursday: Mick Harte was Here (19)


My book for throw back Thursday is Mick Harte was here. It is an amazing book its is about how a person feels through grief. It is a great book for kids to read it show that grief is a hard thing to live thorough and we all find our own way to make things better. I loved this book when i was ten and i love it now even at twenty-two. The book holds it meaning no matter how old you are. Lose is hard and we all deal with it differently and it is hard for people to go through losing someone who was close to them and feel like the whole world chooses to forget about them when it’s so hard for you to do that.

This book is close to my heart and will always be because it helped me deal with the lose of my father as well as my aunt. I truly do adore this book. Barbara Park is an amazing writer whose work always holds a great meaning to many things.

I give it a 5 out of 5.

Happy Reading!



Description on the Back of book

How could someone like Phoebe’s brother die? Mick Harte was one of the coolest kids you’d ever want to meet. Mick was also the kid who would still be alive now—if he’d only worn his bicycle helmet. .


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