Wattpad Wednesday:Twisted Fate By sjshrksprincess

The story i am reviewing for watt pad Wednesday is Twisted Fate by sjshrksprincess. This is a very well written story. It’s about a girl and her family and the fact they aren’t supposed to be alive. This is a well written story and it shows that with family and friends you can go through hell and come out of it. I loved this story so much. It keeps you on your toes once you think you have it figured out the author gives it another twist. If you’re looking to read a story from a undiscovered writer you should defiantly read this story

Description of Story

What if you were forbidden never meant to be born. Your parents were never supposed to have been together. What if, at the age of 7, you were poisoned by the people you thought were your fathers but instead of dying you shifted into the most powerful hybrids in the mythical world but couldn’t tell anyone. Follow the triplets Aria, Seth, and Nick, their god brothers the twins Cole and Travis, and their other god brothers the other twins Carter and Trent as they split up, find mates, get kidnapped, find out their heritage, and who knows what else might happen.

Here is the link to the story if you’d like to check it out



One thought on “Wattpad Wednesday:Twisted Fate By sjshrksprincess

  1. Awesome story!!!!! Never boring and the characters are very real and likable. The reader can’t help but root for them. Can’t wait for the sequel!!!!!

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