Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons To get a Library Card (2)

Top Ten Reason To get/Have a Library Card

1.A Library Card is Free:

There are no costs to opening a new card and no subscription fees.

2.You can borrow many library materials at the same time.

You can borrow multiple things from the library for a period of time.

At my library you can borrow 3 media items(Ebooks,CDs,DVDs,Audio Books,Videos.)

Then you can borrow up to 25 books (this includes a nook which as like a ton of books on it plus it only counts as one item.)

3.You can put books on hold and renew easily from home.

You can easily log on to the library’s website and place holds and renew books up to four times

At my library as long as the books not on hold for someone else

4.You can get access to the newest releases in books, movies, and CDs.

There might be a little bit of a wait if a lot of people also want to get them too. Be sure you reserve your copy early!

5.You get access to more than one library circulation.

My library is a member of this thing called LINK+ Where you can borrow books from all over CA

Even some places in Nevada we even have visitor check outs available at library in different cities if were visiting.

6.Access to free download material

Some libraries have ebooks and other downloadable content for you to access

My library offers it threw Overdrive

7.Libraries also have great research sections

If you need to do research for a project or something they have great reference sections.
8. Opening New Worlds
The library offers you a wide verity of genres. That an take your imagination places you never expected
9. Getting Connected
My library offers different events for card holders like preschool story time or a book club for children and adults of different ages.
10. Free internet in a quite location
Many libraries offer free wireless internet even computers to library card holders

These are just a few reasons I think k people should get a library card.
Hope you enjoy!

Happy Reading!


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