Faddle: Why I love my local library(3)

Reason One: Peace and quite

The library is a great place to go study or read if you need some quite time to just enjoy a book.

Reason Two: Free Books

The library is like a candy store to book worms like myself. It saves you a huge load of money especially if you can’t afford to buy all the books you rally want. Another bonus is a lot of libraries have ebooks offered overdrive.com 🙂

Reason Three: Getting a library card is free

This is my fave reason. I mean nothing beats the price of free. Also depending on the library you can get a huge amount of books at  any time.

Well just thought I’d share some reason why I love my library so much.




One thought on “Faddle: Why I love my local library(3)

  1. I wish we had this kinda of library in Indonesia.. I used to live in Chicago and used to go to the library probably once or twice a week! to check out book or just to read..

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