Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising (5)

I really like this book. It’s about a young kid who gets sent away to another school because he had a problem at his old one. Soon he finds out that hes apart of a family of hunters. not your normal hunters paranormal being hunters. He always thought it was a random act of fate that he had the last name van helsing. Go figure he was really meant to be a great hunter. I really like this book as i said before. I don’t want to give too much away.

I do secretly wish it had been a graphic novel though. All in all its a great read and i has a ton of action if your into evil blood sucking vampires getting there A** Handed to them.

I give it a 4 out of 5



Happy Reading!

Description on The Back of the Book

Trouble seems to follow Alex Van Helsing wherever he goes. First, the 14-year-old got kicked out of school for fighting. Then, after being transferred to Switzerland’s Glenarvon Academy, he slays what appears to be a vampire in the surrounding woods. And he swears none of it has anything to do with his famous vampire-hunter surname. Right. Soon Alex’s English teacher reveals that he is part of the Polidorium, a stealth quasi-military vampire-tracking organization with its eye on the Icemaker—a vampire clan lord who, incidentally, is actually the poet Lord Byron. It all has something to do with the backstory to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Alex’s Da Vinci Code–style digging for historical clues is the plot’s high point. If there’s a low point, it’s probably the action-movie assault on the Scholomance (“an MIT for vampires”), but even that is invigorated by likable teen heroes with believable interests (one loves vampire lore, the other manga).


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